About Us


Malmö’s newest Esports Non-Profit Group

We’re the newest non-profit group in Malmö that is helping to organize gaming events that hold a strong presence in Esports. These are games like CS:GO, FIFA, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Super Smash Bros., and more. We believe that by providing a safe forum for competition, our members will be able to create positive and lasting friendships. We also encourage our members to pursue careers in Esports & Gaming.


Sweden’s 3rd Largest City

We are based in Malmö; Sweden’s 3rd largest city with over 350,000 inhabitants. Over the past decade, Malmö has been host to a series of major Esports events such as Dreamhack Masters, Malmo LAN, Vinterspelen, and more!

Malmo is also home to 20+ game studios such as Massive (The Division), Sharkmob (Bloodhunt), IOI (Hitman Franchise), Avalanche, Coffee Stain, and more!

Being in Malmö places us in the beating heart of gaming for Sweden and we believe this is only the start.


Join the Community

Come chat with us first online, or hear about what we have going on! We maintain an active Discord server where we talk about plans and projects, and everyone is welcome!


EAU is part of Spelenshus! A non-profit meeting place for gamers of all kinds in based in Malmö, Sweden.

Support Esport Arena United, by joining us and sign up here.

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